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Heading For Home

Picasso Moon returned home from school last night.  He had a 3 hour trailer ride, but handled it like an old pro.  Ate is hay and relaxed in the trailer. When he got home, all the other horses were already in the barn eating dinner.  Picasso unloaded and walked right in to his new stall without a care in the world.  He is a very confident soul these days.

Before we headed for home, I got another chance to ride him.  Dave rode his sister Trinity. We went down the road and around Dave’s neighborhood.  He lives in a place where most of his neighbors have horses and share riding spaces.  It is pretty cool.  Picasso got a lot of exposure to other horses as well as other neighborhood critters like the wild turkeys who live down the way.  Picasso has awesome gaits.  He is so smooth under saddle.  He is short, but you don’t realize it when you are riding him.  I got to canter him for the first time and it was fun.  After the ride we loaded him in the trailer and headed for home. Picasso learned a lot at school.  Now it is up to me to keep him going.


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School Is In Session

PicassoPicasso Moon has been busy this past month.  He went off to boarding school with Dave, his trainer.  What a star he has been.  Dave says a trainer rarely gets a chance work with a horse like this because he is so easy and fun that usually people try to start the horse on their own.  From my perspective, a horse like Picasso Moon needed a great start from someone who would appreciate him and set a solid foundation on which to build.

Usually, I like to have my horses started in the summer so I can be there a lot and be an active part of what is happening, but Picasso Moon was ready to go to school now, and there was an opening, so I let him go.  I have been able to get phone updates, but last week on the holiday was my first chance to go and see him for myself.  We also took the opportunity to haul his sister, Trinity up to Dave’s as well.  She has a promising possibility for getting a home of her own and Dave was willing to work with her a bit before hand.Siblings

Picasso Moon and Trinity posed for a photo together.  They haven’t seen each other in quite some time, so they took the opportunity to pose together for a few family photos.  Trinity is 4 years old and Picasso Moon is 3 years old.

Picasso is the outgoing, bold personality and Trinity is the shy girl.  Picasso will walk right up to you and say hello, or walk into a new place and check it out as if to say yes or no to “I could live here”.  Dave said the first time he put a blanket on Picasso Moon he felt like he was dressing a prince in his fine robes.  Picasso Moon stood quietly and elegantly as he was dressed.    Trinity is the one who will stand on the outside of the group and watch for a bit deciding if it is safe to join the group or not.  Once she decides to join, she is a very kind and soft soul, eager to please.  Both horse have a desire to “try” when asked.  The grand-sire to these two is Spider’s Co Co Jo, and I  have been told that his bloodlines make for very cooperative and smart horses.  Picasso Moon and Trinity would prove that statement to be correct.

Picasso Moon got a chance to show off to his big sister while I was there.  Picasso has been under saddle now for about 30 days and has taken on the role like an old pro.  Picasso Moon is very confident and willing to go places on his own and explore his world.  Dave has ridden him on a variety of trails around his house and trailered him to near by arenas for some experiences.  Picasso Moon takes all of it in his stride.

During his time at school, Picasso also held a few “try outs” with some other people to see if he would prefer a different owner than me.  Everybody falls in love with him, so I let him explore his options.  In the end, he has decided to come back to our place to live.  But it was great for him to have a chance to be ridden by a few people and see what that is like.

He also had the opportunity to be the lead horse for a new horse that had come in for training and “pony” the new horses around the Saddledplace.  He liked that job very much. So when Trinity arrived at Dave’s Picasso Moon was all set to show off to his big sister.    So Dave saddled up Picasso Moon and they got ready to take Trinity for a walk around the place.  It was great to see Picasso Moon so confident and calm about doing whatever he was asked to do.  He is a very sure-footed horse.  The terrain they walked on included gravel, roads, and some hill climbing.  Picasso Moons just takes his time and decides the best route to take.

At first Trinity wasn’t too sure she wanted to be that close to her brother, she remembers how playful he can be… but Dave’s reassuring hand let her know it was safe, so she decided to come along with them.

Follow-Us Greetings












It wasn’t long before Picasso Moon and Trinity were off exploring the place.  They almost look like a match set walking down the road together as Picasso Moon confidently leads the way.  Picasso Moon has the smoothest gaits and it looks like his sister may be the same.


DownThe-Road Up-The-Hill













And after Dave was finished showing off on Picasso Moon and getting Trinity used to the place.  It was my turn to take my first ride on Picasso Moon.  It was sooooo fun. We went down the road towards the neighbors, horses ran up to us along the way, a car passed us, there were wild turkeys in the area, Picasso Moon didn’t care about any of it.  He just walked along like none of it mattered to him, because it didn’t.  He was doing his thing in the world and whatever happened around him wasn’t going to bother him. What a great horse his is… not only great looks, but a great mind as well.


Picasso will stay at Dave’s for  a couple more weeks.  The timing to go pick him up from school will need to wait until the Thanksgiving break.  While shoppers flood the stores looking for great buys, I will head up to Dave’s to get Picasso Moon and bring him home.  And I will know, I got the best deal of the season:)


And for another lucky person, Trinity is waiting….


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